Simple Strokes Collection - Summary Page

last updated: 2022-11-02 13:52:07.843239

Description: "Consisting only of characters with 1-6 strokes, this word collection serves as good entry point for children who are put off by complex looking characters or as an on-ramp for more complex curriculums."

Set Name Icon Word Count Words - Traditional Words - Simplified
11-3 strokes 20 【繁】一七九了二人八刀力十又三上下久也千口大女
23-4 strokes 20 【繁】子小山工己才不中五什今以元公六分升午友天
34-5 strokes 20 【繁】太少巴手方日月木比毛水火片牙牛他冬包北半
45 strokes 20 【繁】去只叫四外奶心打末本正母瓜生用田白石件先
56 strokes 20 【繁】全再冰出可吃同名向因在地多她好如字安年忙
【簡】全再冰出可吃同名向因在地多她好如字安年忙 Protection Status